Sesam 800   - Transmitters  -  Receivers

The Sesam 800 has various usage areas like remote control of doors, gates, barriers, fans, floodlights, and more. It is robust, flexible, straightforward, and uses modern digital technology.

The Sesam 800 system utilizes the 869 MHz frequency band.The system is based on a two-way radio technology which allows for a relay feedback indicator on the transmitter. 

Encrypted authentication
For applications with extra high security requirements, the receiver can be configured to use encrypted authentication. 

Receiver with PIN code
There is a possibility protecting the features in the Sesam 800 receivers with a four-figured PIN code. This means that only authorized will be able to unlock and manage the features. 

• Built on high quality radio components. 869,8 MHz GMSK 
• Duplex – A two way radio technology enables a relay feedback  indicator on the transmitter 
• Memory card in display receiver 
• Very quick response time - 50 ms (typ.) 
• 16.7 million unique codes 
• Area coding with L99 transmitter 
• Protection class IP65 and IP67 
• Highly durable long-life pushbuttons, over 1 000 000 cycles momentary 
• Configuration tool simplifies installation of large-scale gate/door installations

Download product data sheets and manuals - PDF, below